Gisholt Operators Turret Lathe Guide 3rd Edition 1920 Machine Manual

  • Manufactured by: Gisholt
  • Year: 1920
  • Languages: English
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    This Manual Includes
    Information Manual
    Instruction Manuals
    Operation Manuals
    Manual Covers Models
    Turret Lathe

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    Gisholt Turret Lathe Guide 3rd Edition 1920 Machine Manual

    This Manual Covers Models:
    General Text
    This Manual Includes:
    Original Edition was written in 1917
    This Catalog TLG-3
    This book has been compiled for the use of operators and those who are
    in Touch with Gisholt Turret Lathe work.
    The intention as been to arrange the suggestions in a way most beneficial to
    all those interested in the operation and care of Gisholt turret Lathes and Tools
    Uses and Advantages, Diagrams of Parts:
    Chuck Scroll Pinions, Carriage Apron Hand Wheel,
    Cross Feed Tubler Lever Turret Locating Pin Pinion Tappet
    Feed Box 1919 Type
    Dimensional Diagrams 1906, 1919 type
    1919 Type Feed Gearing Cross Section
    Chucking, Tool Post and Tools
    Much More!!!

    This Manual Has 255 Printed Pages. 1920

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