Elmes 2500 Ton Press, Operation, Maintenance Data Parts Drg's Manual Year (1951)

  • Manufactured by: Elmes
  • Year: 1951
  • Languages: English
  • Hardcopy:$89.00


    This Manual Includes
    Maintenance Manuals
    Operation Manuals
    Manual Covers Models
    2500 Ton
    Chip Making Machinery

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    Elmes 2500 Ton Press, Operations, Maintenance Data and Parts Drawings Manual Year (1951)              

    This Manual Covers Models:
    2500 Ton

    This Manual Includes:

    These Instruction Sheets and Parts Drg's are Issued to Users of Elmes Hydraulic Equipment
    Instructions for Installation
    2 Large Drawings- 32" Dia. Ram,6250 W.P., 15" Stroke, 32" bet platen& Top Head, 39" between Columns
    Single Page Drawings
    Vickers Inc. Hydraulic Oil Recommendations for Vickers Hydraulic Pumps and Controls
    General Information Denison Axial Piston Hydraulic Pumps
    Service Instructions Denison Constant Volume Pumps 600,700,and 800 Series

    This Manual Has  25  Printed Pages.
    Year 1951

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